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Most people seek counselling when they feel that they can have difficulties and it becomes improbable for anindividual to get over the challenges to overcome.

Our services are determined to empower the individuals fear and have self-reflection. Positive psychology is determined for an individual to get over challenges.

Clearchoicecounselling is there to help to make you think clear and make clear choices.

Drugs and Alcohol Counselling Western Sydney, Sydney

Drugs & Alcohol is detrimental to human life, over consumption of anything affects your body and can have an adverse effect on your health. In Clear Choice Counselling we are determined to help you all in Western Sydney, Parramatta, and nearby Sydney areas.

Many people think that the way of coping strategy to their personal life is to do the drug and alcohol so they can forget everything. The problem with this way of coping with depression is that it does not address the underlying causes of the depression, which means, of course, that it will not help the person to feel better in the long run. Therefore, the underlying course of depression continues and the person keeps on using the drug and alcohol, to make themselves to feel better.

To come over the fear, you can talk to Clear Choice Counselling services for consulting in Western Sydney and nearby Sydney areas. We are there to help and empower your goals. We can offer you consulting service at your place as we are also locally situated in Parramatta, Western Sydney. Our Consultant can travel within Sydney areas to provide solutions for your problems.

When it comes to counselling to help people defeat their problems our expert counsellors are the best choice in Sydney. Whether you are looking for the expert alcohol counselling services or a good drug psychologist in Western Sydney or advice for stressed marital life, you can bank on us.

Our USPs
  • Our drug psychotherapist in Western Sydney not only treats the symptoms but also seeks to identify the underlying cause so that the problem does not recur.
  • You can avail our drug and alcohol counselling services at any time as per your convenience. We can even visit your premises for a personalised service.
  • With our drug counselling Sydney, you can expect full confidentiality.
  • All the expert counsellors have a high rate of success in curing the patients.
  • We develop our alcohol counselling Sydney services through rigorous research and development. This is why our services are the best in Australia.

We are one of the choicest counsellors of Australia for effective drug and alcohol counselling in Sydney. You can count on us to apply proven techniques to conquer addictions and bring happiness in life. For the drug counselling Sydney, we use well-acclaimed methods that are quite helpful to the patients and not-tough for the family members to follow. For alcohol counselling Sydney, Parramatta and Western Sydney we take every possible measure that can help our clients. In addition, we also always strive to make the drug and alcohol counselling in Sydney better.

Relationship Marriage and Conflict

Interpersonal relationships lessen loneliness, help you secure stimulation, enable you to gain in self-knowledge and self-esteem, enhance your physical and emotional well-being, and maximize your pleasures and minimize your pains.

However, disruption in interpersonal relationships contribute significantly to physical and emotional health, there are potential disadvantages of the costs. In many circumstances, there is pressure in revealing who you are, increased obligation for care and share and increased isolation.

To live a happier life, and need help in doing so, sometimes you need to talk to someone, and for that, you have the professional counsellor.

Clear Choice Counselling and coaching will always help you to work towards your relationship and live happily forever.


People’s perception of Wellness Continuum grows towards the medical model of health care focuses as with exclusively on physical health has become prevalent among physicians. Wellness is the approach towards personal health that emphasizes individual responsibility for well-being through the practice of health-promoting lifestyle behaviours.

The challenges human being faces is the quality of life, to make the life valuable and prolong your happiness can only be determined with lifestyle through understanding, awareness, education, growth and high level of wellness.

Clear Choice Counselling and coaching will empower your choice of living


In Clear Choice Counselling, we don’t only look at the course of addiction; we try to look into the issues of addiction.

Addiction can not only be with issues with drugs, alcohol, gambling, smoking; it can be other issues which can cause have a detrimental effect on your life. We work together to help you to get over the suffering from the disease of addiction.

In Clear Choice Counselling, we acknowledge the people have varying levels of intelligence, education, and income.

In Clear Choice Counselling, we are there to help.


Abuse can have a detrimental effect on your psychological, physical, social and physiological problems which causes people to initiate and persist in behaviour that seriously hurt them.

However, it is clear that this broadening of concerns, there is a range of concerns, such as child abuse, domestic violence and mental health, bullying, neglect, institutional, ritual and organized abuse.

We at Clear Choice Counselling are there to help.