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About Me – Raj Prasad

Licensed Professional Counsellor

I am a Fijian Indian and have been living in this country for last 35 years. It has been a long time dream that I would be working in health sector, helping people to accomplish their goals by helping them to understand the practicality of everyday living.

My growing up in Different cultural environment has been very rewarding; this has opened me to perceive strong values to other religious and cultural needs. With my Fijian Indian background, it gives advantage for me to look at other cultural issues in-depth.

I studied Health Science, with majors in Diversional Therapy and Health Management. After finishing my Degree at University of Western Sydney, I started my postgraduate course in Master of Health Science. I always wanted to help other people, and to do that, after finishing my degree, I pursued my study and completed my counselling and became accredited counsellor.
After working as a counsellor and helping so many people, I continued my studies. I finished my Postgraduate in Mental Health Practice and followed up with Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology.

I did further training in Lifeline Australia to work as volunteer. As an accredited counsellor, I am passionate to help individuals to achieve their goals. If I help one person, I will feel that I have helped 100 others; this is the dream I would like to live.

I have been working in the health department for last 15 years, I have worked with most disadvantaged clients, disabled clients, adolescents, drug and alcohol, relationship and conflict, abused clients, addictions, mental health issues, grief and loss, acquired brain injury, marital issues and financial issues.

My journey will continue to inspire other people who are going through difficult times.

I have high degree of patience and I am very dedicated to achieve goals for other people. As a determined athlete, I do know what it takes to achieve goals.
Your hard work and dedication is always the end result of richness.

Raj Prasad